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Flag Raising Device

The motivation for this project stems from a lifetime of boating with father Richard Jones. One problem that many people encounter, including Richard, was when towing someone behind a boat, is the difficulty with handling the warning flag. This flag is used to show other surrounding boats that someone has fallen into the water behind their boat. This warns other boats to stay far away from that area to keep safe from running over the swimmer. Although, when holding the flag in the boat, it can be hard to see at times. The boat driver, or other people standing in the boat, can sometimes get in the way from other boats surrounding to see the flag. This device will essentially put the flag on top of the boat tower, which will make the flag a lot easier to see. This brings much more security and safety for all the different kinds of water sports.


The scope of effort for this device will see it as an attachment to a ski and wakeboard boat tower.  This device will fit the tower on Richard Jones’ boat.  This tower has a diameter of 2.5 inches and is made of polished aluminum.  Another important factor to think about is that this device will not scratch or break the tower it attaches to.


The project report can be seen in the link on the right.  The project is still under construction so it will be updated periodically.

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